Rob|Arch 2014 Call for Videos

Rob|Arch 2014 and the Association for Robots in Architecture invite research institutions and companies, as well as individual artists, architects, designers, engineers, researchers, and students to submit video presentations of their “robotic” work to the Rob|Arch 2014 conference. The video clips should showcase new developments and innovative projects that are relevant to the conference topic of robotic fabrication in architecture, art, and design.

A jury of experts will choose the best video submissions to be shown at the conference/exhibition to Rob|Arch 2014 attendees, among them CEOs of major robot companies as well as industry partners and internationally recognized researchers, architects, and artists. Furthermore, the video clips will be published on the Rob|Arch conference homepage,, and via social media to a wide internet audience.

The accepted video submissions of the previous Rob|Arch 2012 conference have been viewed over 10.000 times:

Contact eMail:

Submit Video

DEADLINE: 27.4.2014

To submit a clip, go to or click the button above. Please comply with the following instructions, otherwise we will not be able to include your submission:

// Download the non-exclusive release form:

// Submit:
1 ZIP file containing 1 video file and the signed video release as a scanned PDF/JPEG

// Video Properties:
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Resolution: at least 720p (1280×720)
Maximum Length: 180 seconds
Maximum Filesize: 180 MB

If you are unable to fit your video into 180MB, please put a *.txt file into the ZIP archive containing a link to the video (e.g. to your server, via Dropbox, or to a Vimeo video with “Download source file” enabled). We can also provide you with an FTP upload on request.

// Content:
The video submission should be final and non-blinded. Title, authors, and institution should be listed either at the beginning of at the end of the clip to ensure that proper credit is given even when the clip may be embedded.

// The Call for Video is open to everyone, including authors of accepted Rob|Arch 2014 research papers.

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