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Featured Workshop: Phase Change

Phase Change: Explorations in Robotic Forming of Thermoplastic Materials

This workshop will explore opportunities to overcome tooling limitations in the formation of individualized thermoplastic building components using robotic formation during phase change and speculative additive robotic processes (3D Printing). Explorations will include the translation of the rigid ideal of computational design space to the soft reality of an uncertain built environment as mediated by the industrial robotic work cell. In this case, the industrial robot precisely translates the digital geometry but the final form is characterized by the uncertainties of the thermoplastic material behavior during phase-change. The resulting artifacts will emerge from the integration of the precise and the imprecise through a feedback loop between the digital design environment and the results of a series of physical material experiments. Material properties are considered intrinsic to the design process and the robotically controlled fabrication process will be saturated by feedback from the behavioral logics of the material itself. The exploration of complex material behavior during phase-change will extend to the introduction of novel additive manufacturing technologies through the combination of generic robotic manipulators and custom end effectors. The introduction of additive processes begins to speculate on fabrication scenarios that distance themselves from current linear file-to-factory based methods and industrialized production-modes as well as introduces opportunities for the eventual introduction of Additive Manufacturing in Architecture. (….details)

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Featured Workshop: Augmented Materiality

Greyshed: Augmented Materiality

This workshop will demonstrate strategies for interactive and intuitive robot control during the design and fabrication processes. Rather than using the robot in isolation as a means for fabricating digital design, the robot acts as one of many mediators between the digital and physical world throughout the design process. Employing 3D scanning technologies in conjunction with user tracking, human interface devices, various sensors and augmented reality strategies, we are able to demonstrate multidirectional communication between the human designer, physical materials, computer simulation and robotic scanning/manipulation. Our scripts coordinate robot movements with projected images, thereby illustrating robotic toolpaths, user input information and structural calculations by overlaying them over physical geometry. The setup and tools will be used, experimented upon, and (ideally) modified by workshop participants.

For further workshop details, please click here

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Full conference schedule now online!

The full conference program for the RobArch 2014 conference has been posted, please visit the schedule page for detailed information on paper presentations, keynotes, etc.

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2014 Keynote Speakers announced!

The Conference Chairs and Advisory Board are excited to announce the keynote lecturers for the 2014 conference, showcasing the convergence of technology, industry, and academia which is at the heart of the Rob|Arch conference series.

Kendra Byrne – Bot&Dolly
Stu Shepherd – KUKA Robot Group
Matthias Kohler – ETH Zurich
Achim Menges – University of Stuttgart
Daniel Piker – Kangaroo Physics

Go here for full biographical information!

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Early bird pricing has been EXTENDED!

We have extended the deadline for early bird registrations until March 14th, 2014. We will post updated workshop availability soon, as several are almost sold out!

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Announcing the Kuka Young Potential award!

We are pleased to announce the continuation of the “Kuka Young Potential Award” for the 2014 RobArch Conference. The Award is to support young researchers in the field of robots in architecture, art, and design. The KUKA Young Potential Award (worth 2500 USD) will be granted to the best scientific paper at Rob|Arch by a researcher of 35 years or less. Last Rob|Arch’s winner was Ryan Luke Johns of Greyshed for his paper Augmented Reality and the Fabrication of Gestural Form.


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Final Call for Papers!

This is the Final Call for papers; the deadline is midnight EST on Dec. 1st.  Please email the chair with any question regarding submissions. Authors will be notified of acceptance in early January 2014. Submission details here…

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Registration for the 2014 Conference and Workshops is now open!

Go here for more information….

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First Call for Papers has been posted!

The first call for papers of the 2014 conference has gone out. More information here….

In addition, Workshops for the 2014 conference have been selected by the Workshop Committee. We received 20 submissions, all of them very high quality. The first 7 workshops are now listed on the website.

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Rob|Arch 2014 website is now live!

The call for papers goes out this week, and the workshops are being announced soon. Here is a teaser of the new Robotics Lab at the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

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